Consumer Affairs Cell

Consumer Affairs Cell

  The aim of the Cell is to perform, facilitate and promote better protection of Consumers’ rights and interests with special reference to rural India.

It acts as a forum for creating dialogue among policy, makers, service providers, representatives of various business establishments and their associations, professional bodies/associations, civil society organization, educational/research institutions, economic and social development organizations as well as leading NGOs.

It also acts as a storing and clearing-house for the exchange and constant flow of information, ideas and activities relating to consumer protection and welfare.

The Cell closely works in association with the Department of Consumer Affairs, Government of Kerala State Consumer Disputes Redressal Commissions and District Forums.


The objectives of the Cell are to:

Organize seminars/workshops/conference/round tables on the contemporary issues relating to consumer protection.
Sensitize trade and industry and the service providers to the requirements of the consumers, especially to alternative and informal mechanisms to resolve their complaints and redress their grievances