State Scheme

State Award Scheme

Rajiv Gandhi State Award A on Consumer Protection
Government of Kerala accords high priority to the programme of Consumer Protection. To promote a strong and broad-based consumer movement in the State, particularly at grass-root level, the Government encourages formation of Voluntary Consumer Organisations in both Urban and Rural areas which are willing to generate awareness amongst the consumers about their rights, bringing out new ideas on Consumer Protection, undertake research and other activity which directly contributes towards Voluntary Consumer Movement in the State. To recognize the efforts made by the Voluntary Consumer Organisations in this field and to provide them incentive, the State Government has decided to institute a Scheme of State Award to Voluntary Consumer Organizations for their excellence in Consumer Protection Programme. Under the scheme, 3 awards in order of merit will be given in the shape of prize-money of Rs.50, 000-, Rs.30, 000- and Rs.20, 000- to first three Voluntary Consumer Organisations.

Eligibility Criteria:

( i ) It should be a Voluntary Consumer Organization working for the promotion and protection of Consumer Interest;

(ii) It should have legal status. For this purpose, it should be registered under the Societies Registration Act, 1860 or any other similar status;

(iii) It should have been in existence for the cause of Consumer Protection for at least during the last three years;

(iv) It should be non-political, non-official and under non-proprietary management;

(v ) It should not be run for profit to any individual or group of individuals but should serve the general public without distinction of caste, creed, colour or religion; and

(vi) It should not have received any grant-in-aid for the same purpose from any other Department/Ministry of the Central Government.

The performance of the Voluntary Consumer Organizations including women, group which will apply for this award, will be judged from their outstanding work done in one or more in the following fields: –

(i) innovative approach to solve the problems of consumers;

(ii) to take up important consumer cases;

(iii) putting up special efforts for the redressal of consumer grievances;

(iv) to undertake research and bringing out innovative ideas in the field of consumer protection;

(v) promoting consumer movement particularly in the rural areas by organizing seminar, publishing of literature on consumer protection etc;

(vi) by undertaking testing programme to quality, quantity, standardization for various consumer products;

(vii) educating consumers about their rights and to exercise them; or

(viii) any other activity which directly or indirectly contributes towards Consumer Protection and spreading the message of Voluntary Consumer Movement.


(To be filled by the applicant)


1 Name of the District
2 Name and address of the Organization
3 Whether registered or not and existing for more than 3 years (prior to) with reference to eligibility criteria?
4 Area of operation
5 Total No. of Members: =No. of members enrolled during the year: (Copy of details of members enrolled should be enclosed) = whether exclusively consisting of women? : Male: Female: Students:
Male: Female: Students:
6 Whether in receipt of grant-in-aid from State/Central Govt.?
7 Details of performance with reference to eligibility criteria:
a)Important consumer cases taken up during the year (in brief)
( i ) :
( ii ) :
( iii ):
( iv) :
( v ) :
b) Promotional and educational activities undertaken especially in rural areas during the year:
( i ) No. of rural meetings organized :
( ii ) No. of seminars organized in rural areas
(enclose copies of minutes ) :
(iii) No. of exhibitions organised :
(iv) No. of booklets published ( enclose copies ) :
(v ) No. of training programmesorganised :
(vi) Details of Newsletter/Magazines brought out. (enclose copies) :
(vii) No. of trainings/seminars attended :
c) Redressal of grievances during the year:
( i ) No. of cases solved through own efforts :
( ii) No. of cases filed in Dist. Fora :
(iii) No. of cases filed in State Commission :
(vi) No. of cases filed in National Commission :
(v) No. of cases won (enclose copies of judgment) :
(vi) No. of cases for counseling given (Enclose details):
d) Recommendations of the District Collector:
8 General remarks, if any

Date :

Signature of Applicant


Name of District:
1 Year to which award relates
2 Name and address of the Organization
3 Whether the Organization is registered? (Attested copy of the Registration Certificate should be enclosed)
4 Whether it has been in existence for the last 3 years? (Prior to ……………….. )
5 Whether it has received any grant from the Central/State Government for the same purpose?
6 Area of operation of the Organization
7 Has the report of activities of the Organization on Consumer Protection for the year………..been enclosed?
8 Has the Audited Statement of Accounts of the Organization for the year…………………,,been produced?
9 Whether activities of the Organization during the year………….have been verified by the District Collector?
10 Impact of activities of the Organization on Consumer Movement as observed by the District Administration
11 Whether one copy of the report of activities of the Organization is enclosed for perusal of the State Government?
12 Recommendation of the District Collector
Date :

Signature of the Dist. Collector